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The Answer: Platypus has Venom

6 Jun

Of course they are venomous, everything in Australia is trying to kill you. The male platypus have a spur on each leg that can inject venom. It’s toxic enough to kill a small animal and be excruciatingly painful to humans.


Tuesday Trivia: June 5

5 Jun

The Project

5 Jun

Tonight we’re going to be audience members at a live taping of the show The Project. It’s an Australian news program but it’s silly. It’s sort of a cross between The Daily Show and The View. The show is only an hour long so hopefully we won’t be there forever. Many years ago I saw a sitcom being taped and it was at least 6 hours. Afterwards we’re going to Sichuan House. Should be a fun evening!

Herald Our Glorious Return!

4 Jun

Dear family and friends, commence the planning for our welcome home party. You have less than 6 months. We just bought our tickets home. We depart on November 14 at 11:45am and arrive at 2:00pm. Just a wee 5 hour layover in Auckland. Although there was one cheaper flight than the one we chose, it was on a crummy Chinese airline with a long layover in Beijing. We’d like to see China, but a layover is not the way to do it, plus after going with discount Air Pacific on the way over here, we are through with the budget flights.

Strangely, it was cheaper to book round trip tickets than one-way. So if anyone wants to fly to Melbourne a week after we get back, we have some tickets to use. Unfortunately, we can’t sell or return them. So, Michelle – you can take my passport and fly around. How about it? Only a 14 hour flight! Fun times!

Sunday Sundae

3 Jun

Rob has been really craving a chocolate sundae since we saw someone eating one on TV. We were out on a walk and decided to take a quick look at the menu of a little local restaurant we’d been meaning to try. Guess what they had? Chocolate sundaes! We shared one, which was huge. It was very delicious and hit the spot.

I noticed they had nachos on their menu. Now I want nachos!

The Ikea of Apartments

2 Jun

We had some friends over this weekend and Rob described to them our place as the Ikea of apartments. He’s totally right. It’s the newest place I’ve ever lived as an adult, but it is cheap. We’re fortunate to have a clean and furnished apartment that is close to school, but it’s definitely discount student housing. We especially dislike the bed and couch. The bed has a thin, flimsy mattress that sags in the middle. The couch has no padding on the arms or the top of the back. I accidentally whack into it all the time. My actual Ikea couch is much more comfortable, go figure.

Las Melbourne

1 Jun

We took a picnic to the Royal Botanic Gardens today and then walked all over the CBD. We popped into the Crown Casino, which is a massive casino/hotel/resort thing on the south bank of the Yarra River. It looked exactly like a nice Vegas casino, except for one thing, no smokers. I tried to use my $2 coin in the slot machines but they wouldn’t take it, so I didn’t get to throw my money down the drain gamble. We were out of their pretty fast since Rob is not a fan of casinos. I can tolerate the nickel slots, but after I lose $5, I’m usually done too.


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