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Skip Skip to My Vindaloo

29 Feb

There is a little Indian restaurant in our building called Vindaloo Palace. It isn’t too expensive, we tried it once… it was OK. But it is rather convenient and they do take-away (what the Australians call to-go). I never see anyone in there and I have no idea how it stays open.

Oh, they have a facebook page. The customers must all be from the internet…


Lovely Gray Day

28 Feb

It’s was gloriously cool and cloudy outside today. I loved it. Rob went off to school and I went to the gym this morning. When he came home in the afternoon we went to the grocery store, again. I feel like we go every other day. But we are eating 3 meals a day a home, I guess we go through a lot of food. Since we don’t have an oven, we’re sort of limited to what we can make. We’ve had a LOT of pasta and rice.

Carbs galore

It’s a good thing we have free gym membership…

First Day of School

27 Feb

Rob had his first day of school today. I stayed at home and did the laundry, cleaned the house and watched the Oscars (boring). It’s been raining on and off since last night. It’s not particularly cold, which makes going out in the rain not super enjoyable because you get wet/sweaty. We tried going on a walk but it was raining a little too hard. Hopefully I get outside at some point. I’m going a little stir crazy.

Rob reported that school was fine. The normal first day stuff, syllabuses, schedules, assignments, etc. He’s made lots of new friends and I’ve been encouraging him to bring them home with him. Tomorrow night he is going to the Mountaineering Club. They meet in the school gym, in the pool, in kayaks. It’s like this club was custom made for Rob.

I hear the pool has some category 4 rapids

I’ve Created a Monster… or Should I Say Zombie?

26 Feb

After much convincing, I got Rob to play Plants vs. Zombies. After the free 1 hour online download he bought the $6 ipad version. He’s been playing for at least 4 hours today. I knew he would. That game is like crack.

He told me that he has to beat the game before school starts… which is tomorrow.

Members Only

26 Feb

Rob and I worked out at the Springthorpe Country Club today, which we get free membership to through our apartment lease. Country club is used in the the most broad sense here. It has a little work out room with some cardio and weight equipment, 2 tennis courts, a decent sized lounge, pool and a playground. All things considered, it’s pretty nice for what we’re paying.


25 Feb

Despite my protests, Rob did drag me to the library yesterday, even though it was 100 degrees (seriously). I mainly agreed since the library closed at 6pm on Friday and is not open at all today. I guess the librarians are getting a break before school starts on Monday. I found the organization of the literature section a little confusing, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually. Since it’s a school library, they don’t have a large fiction section, but I did find 3 copies of Twilight.

Rob's tuition put to good use

I was able to grab a few things and should be entertained for the next few days at least.

Yay, books!

Dogs Days of Summer

24 Feb

It’s a mere 95 outside. We’ve tried to entertain ourselves indoors, to varying degrees of success. We just finished several rounds of Uno which included a lot of good natured name calling.

I dealt hands of 20 to start so the game lasted longer

We may try and go to the library since I finished my book today… it’s a mile away. Think I can handle it?