Another 4 Day Weekend

8 Mar

Today was the beginning of another 4 day weekend for Rob (it’s all weekend to me). We went down to the CBD and had lunch at House of Sichuan again. Delicious as ever. We always leave there full, happy and with burning lips. Then we took the tram over to Albert Park. It has a very large lake with a walking path on one side and golf course on the other side. The Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix starts next weekend and the entire park was surrounded by fencing and stadium seating. It sort of marred the beauty of the park.

Apparently this is slightly less trashy than NASCAR.

The lake in the park is so large that you can sail on it, albeit not that far. It looked like a lot of kids were out learning. There are also hundreds and hundreds of swans. They are large and give you mean looks with their red beady eyes. Not like the nice Disneyland swans.

I'm going to steal your soul


One Response to “Another 4 Day Weekend”

  1. Cecy March 9, 2012 at 6:07 am #

    Go VETTEL!!!

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