Moomba, Mighty Melbourne and Museum

11 Mar

This weekend was the giant Moomba Festival. It’s a huge carnival held at the CBD along the Yarra River. There are carnival rides and greasy fair food up and down both sides of the Yarra. On the river we saw people performing trick stunts on jet skies, a water skiing competition (didn’t know such thing existed) and the best part, the Birdman Rally. The Birdman Rally is a contest where people make ridiculous flying contraptions and jump off a platform to see how far they can go. It was hilarious, but it takes a looooooooong time to scoop the contestant and his or her costume out of the river and set up the next person.   You can see some previous years’ clips here.

After walking through Moomba we went to a close food court where I had been lusting after a hamburger. I ordered the Mighty Melbourne which is: beef patty, cheese, bacon, fried egg, beets (which I, of course, picked out), lettuce, relish and mayonnaise. It wasn’t that great. I was disappointed, it looked really delicious but the hamburger patty had some weird seasonings. Rob had veggie burger and reported that it was “alright”.  I guess we won’t be going there again.

Next we headed to the Immigration Museum which is located in the original customs house. Like all the other museums we’ve been to here, it was well laid out, interactive and interesting. One of the many things we learned was that the Australians had internment camps for Germans during WWII. Did you know that? There was also a special exhibit about British children that were shipped off to farm schools in Australia. The average age was 8 and they never saw their families again. It was very very sad and I sort of had to stop reading all the horrible vignettes so I wouldn’t cry.

Lastly we stopped at Beer Deluxe and Rob had his special beer and I had a much needed diet coke. Fun and full day and I am tired.

For more photos check out Rob’s picasa portfolio at


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