Brighton Beach

25 Mar

We got down to Brighton Beach today. It is adorable. Another place any visitors are getting ushered to. The tide was really low so we were able to do a little tide pooling. Seemed like mostly the same stuff we have in California. Maybe Rob can tell the difference. The one unusual thing was all the shells laying about. Millions of them. Maybe the tide was extraordinarily low, but in Los Angeles every shell is picked clean from the beach.
















The Brighton Bathing Boxes, as the are officially known, are just cute and charming as we hoped they would be. According to the official website, they are owned by the city and have strict guidelines about paint and whatnot.

While we were there we also happened upon the very tail end of the Ironman Asia-Pacific Championship. It was the full deal with the 2.5 mile swim, 111 mile bike ride and then a marathon run. We got to see the lead guy right before the finish line. They were all so fit, no one seemed like they we’re about to keel over, which is what would happen to me if someone even suggested I run 2 miles. We had 2 milkshakes to ward off any exercise we got by walking around on the beach.

Check out those calves


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