Hobart and Hostel Headaches

29 Mar


We arrived last night in Hobart and tried to check into our hostel.
Except that it was after 10 (technically it was 10:05)and they were
locked up for the night. We called and they said, sorry too late, come
back in the morning. What! Fortunately, we were able to walk to a
close hotel that wasn’t too expensive and sleep there. Today when we
came back to the hostel to check in, they weren’t too apologetic, but
did upgrade our room. I’ve never stayed in a hostel before. It’s not
too janky. We have a private room with our own bathroom. I’m not sure
this is the real hostel experience.


Today we walked around the cute little harbor area of Hobart. This is
the largest city in Tasmania (I think) and the capital and it looks
like a little rural town with a main street and old buildings. Some of
the ships in the harbor go back and forth to the Antarctic. The Bob
Barker Sea Shepherd was docked here. It goes out and stops whalers. I
think there is a show on TV about it but I’ve never seen it and can’t
recall what it’s called.


In the afternoon we took a ferry to MONA, the Museum of Old and New
Art or as I like to call it, the Museum of Controversial Bizarre and
Stupid Art. Almost everything there is somewhat gross, think body
fluids and things for simply shock value. Remember the Virgin Mary
painting that was made with elephant poop that was in the news a few
years ago? They have that at MONA. That’s the kind of art they
embrace. I actually liked it in a this-is-sick-and-twisted kind of
way. I don’t need to go there again. It’s pretentious but also in on
the joke. Strange to find such a funky museum way down here.


I’m typing this fabulous post on one of the hostel computers. Free
wifi! I’m taking tons of pictures but since we didn’t bring a laptop,
you’ll have to wait.


ps. I bought some kangaroo jerky today. Then on the back of the
package it says something to the effect of “this kangaroo is road
kill, but we had it inspected by medical doctors and it’s OK to eat.
Enjoy.” GROSS! Andy – I’m sending this to you to try. You’ll eat


One Response to “Hobart and Hostel Headaches”

  1. Dad March 30, 2012 at 1:18 pm #

    “this kangaroo is road kill, but we had it inspected by medical doctors and it’s OK to eat.
    Last I heard ‘medical doctors’ are not meat inspectors, unless they moonlight or are in litigation. So, Andy let us know, and/or we’ll celebrate your bravery or life story.

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