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The Gym Attacks Again

30 Apr

I was on the treadmill today and felt a tickle on my hand. Of course it was a freaking spider! A very teeny green one, but I had the hibbie jibbies the rest of my time there anyway. Why is the otherwise seeming clean gym infested with spiders? I think it’s the universe’s way of telling me to stop exercising.

You know what I don't like doing? Google image searching spiders.


Oh, Poop.

29 Apr

Rob just tried to blow dry the kangaroo poops so they are dry for class tomorrow. But instead he blew them all over the bathroom.

me: do you want any help?
rob: don’tcomeinhere!

So of course I went to investigate and there was poop everywhere and I startled him and he stepped on one. I thought I was going to die laughing. Poor Rob.

Cricket, Anyone?

29 Apr

Today our friend Kate came over and we all headed downtown. First we explored the giant Queen Victoria Market, then lunch, next we walked through the Royal Botanical Gardens and finally we wandered around the Melbourne Cricket Grounds (MCG). The MCG is huge and consists of a bunch of different stadiums next to each other. We are going to try and get to a Australian Rules Football game, here known as footy. It’s sort of a cross between football/wrestling/rugby. Apparently we won’t know what’s going on but the crowd is fun and I assume they sell hotdogs, so I’m in.

Attempting my best cricket pose.

New Shoes

28 Apr

We had sichuan for lunch today, yet again. It’s so delicious. This time we tried a fried eggplant dish that was divine. We poked around downtown afterwards and did some shopping. I ended up with a pair of new running shoes, which I desperately needed. They were from an outlet store and still, I think the most I’ve ever spent on running shoes, and up there with my most expensive shoes ever. Pssh. We didn’t see anywhere that was much cheaper. We’ve been told that the clothes are more expensive here than the US, which I haven’t really noticed, but the shoes! Ouch.

Purple is the only cheap color, although I secretly like it

The Things I Do for Love

27 Apr

Rob is planning to teach a scat lab at school next week. He’s going to have the kids dissect the scat to learn about energy vs. matter. Needless to say, I’m sure he will be forever remembered by his students. He asked me to go into the woods and collect some kangaroo “samples” since today is the only day that it wasn’t going to rain. I just got back from the harvest. Aren’t I the nicest girlfriend on the planet?

Here’s a picture, which you can click on if you want to see it. Or just imagine if you don’t.

One Man Band

26 Apr

Our apartment isn’t very sound proof, especially through the front door. Right across the hall from us is a girl we refer to as One-Man-Band. We’ve heard her practice the clarinet, French horn, saxophone and trumpet. They all sound like she’s just learning. We hear lots of scales and the old classics like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star over and over and over and over. Since Rob and I were both in high school band, we’re tempted to go over there and show her how it’s done. When not playing a musical instrument she has worship music blasting and she’s singing along at the top of her longs. Overall, I don’t mind her that much. The further away we are from the door, the less we can hear her. Plus, she only does this during the day, so our sleep is never disturbed.

I've never seen her, but this is what I imagine she looks like

Happy Anzac Day

25 Apr

Today is ANZAC Day (Australia and New Zealand Army Corps). It’s the remembrance day for the soldiers that fought at Gallipoli in WWI. Now it’s an all veteran memorial day. There was a huge dawn service at the Shire of Remembrance. Rob wanted to go but it was raining and freezing cold all day. I’m glad we didn’t go down there since the weather was so awful, but it would have been neat. I read in the news that there were 35,000 people in attendance.