Tasmania Mania

3 Apr
Tasmania is beautiful, we had a great time there. We left the Hobart hostel on Friday, rented a car and drove up the east coast of the state. Rob drove the whole time and I only screamed at him a few times in the first 20 minutes of driving. Then he got comfortable driving on the wrong side and in a weird car. Tasmania is about the size of West Virginia and only has 500,000 residents. Once we were out of Hobart we hardly saw another car.

Historic neighborhood of Hobart

Nisson Micra

We drove for about 3 hours and stopped at NatureWorld. There we got to hand feed kangaroos, which were very happy to have a snack and slobber all over us. They were so tame that we petted them (and I wiped my slimy kangaroo saliva covered hand on its fur). They had a good selection of native wildlife, we got to see the Tasmanian devils eat (wallaby parts).

mmmmm, food pellets!

nom nom nom

After the zoo we headed up to the Bay of Fires. It’s a gorgeous stretch of beach and coves with white sand and turquoise water. We got there late in the afternoon. It was windy and I had no interest in going in the water. I’m sure there are all sorts of scary things lurking under there.
That night we stayed at the St. Helen’s Hostel. It was nice and again, we had our own room with our own bathroom. Hey, hostels aren’t all bad! We got up early and left before the sun was up and drove to Cradle Mountain. We hiked around Lake Dove at Cradle Mountain. It snows there in the winter and sort of felt like we were in the Sierra Nevadas instead of Australia, except for the many many eucalyptus trees.
After Cradle Mountain we drove to Launceston and stayed in an adorable bed and breakfast run by a French couple. They were extremely friendly and nice. After driving over 7 hours that day, we weren’t too chatty and went to bed early.
On Sunday we drove to Devonport and returned the car. Devonport doesn’t have a ton going on so we ended up seeing a movie and walking around the beach front and the lighthouse.

Good thing there is a lighthouse, no?

Monday morning we got on the Spirit of Tasmania for our 10+ hour boat ride back to Melbourne. It was huge and sort of like a cruise ship with a casino, movie theater and restaurants. We rented a little movie played to pass the time. We got to our front door around 10:30 and immediately crashed.
An excellent trip. I encourage anyone that comes to Australia to try and see Tasmania.

2 Responses to “Tasmania Mania”

  1. Michelle Giering April 3, 2012 at 11:22 am #

    Stop coming up with great reasons to go visit! It’s too far away (and expensive)! :p

  2. Dad April 3, 2012 at 11:35 am #

    Glad you had such fun, found good places to stay and didn’t die on the wrong side of the highway. The photo of you guys at the beach is really good. It’s our new desktop (sorry Heidi). We are so jealous!

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