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Wallaby Way

31 May

We discovered today that the little kangaroos we see in the wildlife sanctuary are probably wallabies. We’re very happy to add things to our local fauna list.

While we were in there today we also saw the most gigantic kangaroo ever. It must be the alpha male (do they even have these?). Anyway, it was a monster.

editors note: those are totally not wallabies. Oh well. Yay for kangaroos!


Blue Rocket

31 May

Rob talks in his sleep 2-3 times a week. Usually it’s just one word and normally I’m wearing earplugs so I can’t really understand what he said. Last night he started talking about “blue rocket” his motorcycle and described it for about 20 seconds. He would say something and then pause, as if the person he was dream-talking to was answering. When I told him about this today he laughed so hard that he spilled tea on his pajamas.

The Answer: 6 States and 1 Territory

30 May

There are 6 Australian states and one territory. Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania states and the Northern Territory. The way I remember (and tell the difference between the Australian and New Zealand flag) is that the Australian flag has the Southern Cross constellation on it plus the Commonwealth Star, which has 7 points, one for each state and the territory.

Tuesday Trivia: May 29

29 May

Extra credit: name them all in the comments, without googling the answer first!

False Alarm

28 May

The fire alarm just went off in our building. “Beeewoop beeeewoop. Please evacuate. Beeewoop beeewooop Please evacuate.” We obediently went outside. There were only about 20 other residents and 8 restaurant employees loitering about. I know our building has 100 units and some of them are doubles or 2 bedrooms. Obviously, the monthly fire alarms in elementary school didn’t sink in. Anyway, it was a false alarm. Someone burned something in a kitchen. We set our smoke alarm off quite a bit (usually when Rob is cooking) and the fire department never comes. I don’t think the sprinklers went off, thank goodness. If you have a fire in your room, your sprinklers go off and do both of your neighbors. That would be a rude awakening in the night.

Ah, the joys of living in student housing.

Happy Memorial Day!

28 May

As a tradition, we always get together with our friends and play croquet on Memorial Day. Since we don’t have a croquet set or lawn, I created a mini croquet for Rob and me to play in the living room. The wickets were made out of paper, the posts were salt and pepper shakers, the balls were mushrooms and we used our fingers as mallets. It was very silly. We had a hard time keeping the mushrooms on the table because it was more fun to flick them across the room.

The Super Awesome Great Ocean Road

27 May

We had a fantastic time on the Great Ocean Road this weekend. Yesterday morning we picked up a car at the airport and headed out of town. After a few wrong turns we got pointed in the right direction and headed towards the coast. It was about an hour until we hit the Great Ocean Road. It’s a long highway that hugs sea cliffs or cuts into eucalyptus rainforest. It was gorgeous the entire way.

There were many places to stop and take pictures, and we hit a lot of them. They made sure that the idiot tourists were able to safely get back on the road.

We drove up a special side street for koala spotting. Just like the guidebook said, we saw some immediately. It was raining and they were mostly huddled up in the trees sleeping. Further down the road we came across another large group of koalas. It had stopped raining and they were livelier. One was even crossing the road. A large group of tourists were taking pictures and one idiot petted it. The idiot got away unscathed, but koalas are known to bite and scratch. And did you know that koalas can carry chlamydia? Gross.

The second day we stopped at a temperate rainforest. It was green, lush and lovely. I think I got a leech bite while we were there. I noticed a big red round scab on my leg when we got home and when I touched it the dried blood feel away and it was bleeding again. They live in that area. Eww. It doesn’t hurt, but still. Eww.

The 12 Apostles, which are the limestone towers, are the big draw of the Great Ocean Road. They were amazing. There are not 12, the name was simply a gimmick someone came up with to draw tourists. There are many places with huge cliffs and arches. It was a stormy weekend and the surf was gigantic. The waves would crash against the cliffs and splash almost up the entire wall, which were at least 100-200 feet high.

We really enjoyed it. It’s pretty easy to get to (with a car) and I can’t recommend it enough to anyone who visits Melbourne. We all wished we had more time and could keep going.