Melbourne Gaol

20 May

Today we visited the Melbourne Gaol, which is an old prison. It’s sort of like visiting Alcatraz. You can go in almost all of the cells and each one had different information. It was very interesting. This is the place that Ned Kelly was imprisoned and then hung. Ned Kelly and his gang were notorious highway robbers and cop killers. He was caught after a big shoot out where Ned wore some homemade armor. There is a Heath Ledger movie about it (which I haven’t seen yet). Anyway, he’s a big deal in Australia. We thought the armor was going to be on display but we couldn’t find it. Instead they had replicas that you could wear. Awesome.

Ned Kelly finger puppet

After the Gaol we went to the nearby State Library of Victoria. They have a “Love and Devotion” exhibit that was old books from mostly Persia. It was interesting, but I didn’t really see the love and devotion theme. The had an original Canterbury Tales and it took all my effort to not bust out the prologue in the original Middle English (thanks Ms. Kelm, 10th grade English). Whan that Aprille with his shoures soote… Sorry, can’t help it. We decided to explore the library, which is gorgeous. Guess what we stumbled upon: the Ned Kelly armor! Funny, we didn’t know it was there.

Lastly, we walked over to Federation Square where they were having Budda’s Day and Multicultural Festival. There were several shires set up and one giant one. We didn’t really know what was going on, but it was neat.

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