Utes (Not the University of Utah Kind)

21 May

I rarely see what I would traditionally call a pickup truck here. But very common are these car-truck hybrid things. I asked an Australian what they are, and she said that they are utes. Then I was told that they are typically driven by “bogans” which was described as a red-neck, white trash, young punk sort of person. My best guess is that its equilivent to an American NASCAR fan. There is a huge construction site at the end of our street and I see heaps* of utes parked there every day. Each one is tricked out and in a different color. Sort of like Easter eggs.

*heaps: a common expression for “a lot” or “many.” I also really like the use of “feral” to describe groups of people. I’ve heard high school kids and rowdy bar patrons described as feral. Love it.



One Response to “Utes (Not the University of Utah Kind)”

  1. Dad May 22, 2012 at 3:10 am #

    Feral describes many of the mammals in my shop neighborhood. We have heaps of them.

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