Happy Australian Thanksgiving!

24 May

No, there is no such thing as Australian Thanksgiving. But if we’re counting the months in Northern Hemisphere seasons, then May is November and today is the 4th Thursday in November. Yes, it’s a stretch. To celebrate we’re including green beans in our dinner (which is pretty much what I was going to make anyway). Turkey meat is not nearly as common here as in the US. Mostly sandwiches are chicken or ham. I’ve seen turkey lunch meat in the super market but it was really expensive. Also, they aren’t big squash eaters. They have zucchini and pumpkin. That’s about it. I guess both those makes sense since neither turkeys or squash are native to Australia.

I hope we’ll be home for American Thanksgiving, but it’s during the few weeks after school is finished but before flight prices skyrocket when Rob can work. I suppose he makes a much better hourly rate here than my imaginary job at the Macy’s Holiday Store.

I couldn’t really find a good picture for this post. So here are some people wearing turkey hats.


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