False Alarm

28 May

The fire alarm just went off in our building. “Beeewoop beeeewoop. Please evacuate. Beeewoop beeewooop Please evacuate.” We obediently went outside. There were only about 20 other residents and 8 restaurant employees loitering about. I know our building has 100 units and some of them are doubles or 2 bedrooms. Obviously, the monthly fire alarms in elementary school didn’t sink in. Anyway, it was a false alarm. Someone burned something in a kitchen. We set our smoke alarm off quite a bit (usually when Rob is cooking) and the fire department never comes. I don’t think the sprinklers went off, thank goodness. If you have a fire in your room, your sprinklers go off and do both of your neighbors. That would be a rude awakening in the night.

Ah, the joys of living in student housing.

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