Me Gusta Mucho Australia!

18 Jun

We had a friend over for dinner tonight and decided to make a Mexican dish. Even though our friend is gastronomically sophisticated, since Mexico is so far away, she hadn’t ever tried much. We made Rob’s “pot of love” creation which is rice, enchilada sauce, beans, corn, cheese, onion, red bell pepper, etc. All in one pot with cheese and avocado on top. It’s delicious. It’s not a real Mexican dish but it has the right flavors and textures. There is one Mexican chain here called Taco Bill’s. I haven’t been there but I’ve been told that it’s gross. They have $5 margarita nights so we might end up trying it sometime. They can’t screw that up too much, right? We really miss Chipotle and it’s one of the first places we’ll visit after our return. After we hit In-N-Out, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Walgreens and the other chains I never thought I’d miss.

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