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Schoooooooool’s Out for Summer (Winter)!

13 Jun

Today is Rob’s last day of school for the first semester. Now he has a 5 1/2 week break. Since Rob’s job involves teaching school groups, he only works 3 days of his break before the whole museum has break too. This just means were closer to going to New Zealand and Sydney! Yay for vacations!



The Answer: Uluru

13 Jun

The Chamberlain family was camping at Uluru (formerly called Ayers Rock).

Tuesday Trivia: June 12

12 Jun

The dingo ate my baby!

The most famous court case in Australia was when Lindy Chamberlain claimed a dingo ate her baby.  After a terrible handling of evidence she was convicted of murder and spent 3 years in prison. She was then acquitted and has spent years seeking justice and just today the coroner has adjusted the death certificate to show death by dingo.

Hip Hip Hooray!

11 Jun

Today is the Queen’s Birthday holiday in Australia (except for Western Australia, which celebrates in September). Rob has school off and most stores are closed. It’s not really the queen’s birthday, which is April 21. According to my dubious internet research, the second Monday in June was selected to be the Monarch’s Day, since it was relatively close to George V’s birthday of June 3. It seems to be like President’s Day. A nice 3 day weekend, but no one really celebrating. We created our own celebration, as seen here:

It’s Easy Being Green

10 Jun

Australia seems to be ahead of the curve (or at least the US) on environmental conservation. Every toilet has a full flush and half flush option, all outlets have on and off switches so power isn’t being wasted when things aren’t in use and all of the rain gutters around here collect rain water for watering the garden. I’ve also rarely seen paper towels in a bathroom (it’s all air dryers) and I’ve never seen toilet seat covers in a public bathroom. Those I miss. I know they don’t really do anything, but they offer some peace of mind against cooties.

The National Pastime

9 Jun

We’re having a baseball day today. First, Rob listened to the Indians game (they won!). Then we took the ipad to the gym where I downloaded Major League. It took over an hour to download, which was sort of a drag. I used the computer lab at the gym to email Rob on the progress every 5 seconds. All internet access in Australia has data limits, which is soooooo annoying. And we were close to our limit for this month, which it why I used the wifi at the gym. We just finished watching Major League, such a silly movie. I hadn’t seen it in many years. Did you know the big guy that is into voodoo is the All State Insurance/President on 24 actor?

Best line from the movie:

Jake Taylor: I play for the Indians.
Claire Holloway: Here in Cleveland? I didn’t know they still had a team!
Jake Taylor: Yup, we’ve got uniforms and everything, it’s really great!

Next we’re going to watch episode 10 of the Ken Burns Baseball documentary. I can now probably get a few baseball trivia questions right in Trivial Pursuit. I’ll be unstoppable!

The only things missing are hotdogs and cotton candy for dinner.


8 Jun

We just picked up a fabulous package from Cecy and Neil. It included 2 candy bars (Rob immediately ate his), a magnet, chive seeds, bandaids, some girly things like tweezers, and my most favorite present of all time, a fake poo. I’m sure it will end up on Rob’s pillow and in his shoe and coffee cup and anywhere else I can think of.

Thank you, Cecy and Neil!