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Tuesday Trivia: July 31

31 Jul

Hopefully 2000 wasn’t that long ago that you forgot Sydney hosted the summer Olympics. Is that if for Australia?

Bonus question: How many times has the US hosted the Olympics?



30 Jul

Our friend Kate came over for dinner tonight. She made stove top lasagna, which turned out great. It was easy enough so we can add that to our repertoire of dinners. She also made an apple pie and brought it over. We watched the Olympics while we had dinner and felt very American. USA!

Olympic Fever

29 Jul

I watched all (mostly tortuously boring and occasionally interesting/funny) Olympic opening ceremony yesterday. Rob was spared most of it by doing some homework. He did catch part of the parade of nations. Mind you, we were watching an Australian broadcast. When the US was on they flashed to LeBron James at least 4 times that I counted. Each time Rob let out a low growl or hiss. They are broadcasting all the popular events during prime time, so we’ll be able to see the fun events.

Special bonus points to the first person who can name all pentathlon events.

A Very Merry Unbirthday to You!

28 Jul

Today is my 1/2 birthday! Michelle and I have been faux celebrating it for as long as I can remember. We also honor all the other month birthdays, as in happy 7/12th birthday (August 28), etc. I think sharing a birthday makes it a bigger deal, at least for Michelle and me.

Rob should bake one like this for me, don’t you think?

Happy 1/2 birthday to Michelle and Alicia!


27 Jul

It rained all day and Rob went to the school library to work on a paper. He took his, much nicer, computer and left me with my old junky one. I ended up listening to grunge music and playing minesweeper for an hour. It reminded me of high school. All it needed was horrible dial-up internet and a flannel.


26 Jul

Anyone who knows Rob knows that his very favorite thing on earth are chocolate chip cookies. They aren’t quite as plentiful in Australia as they are in the US. The few that we’ve bought were only OK. Last night we went to a friend’s house and made a batch. The recipe was a little strange but they still tasted delicious. I had a few more today to make sure they hadn’t gone bad. I’m sure Rob will finish them up when he gets home.


25 Jul

You just tried it, didn’t you?