Australian Cuisine

24 Aug

I can’t say that the food here is that different than in the US. But there are somethings that stand out. Yesterday we ordered pizza. One of the pizzas was the “vegetarian delight.” I asked them to hold the pineapple, because, eww, pineapple with olives, bell pepper, etc? Gross. They forgot. I didn’t bother picking it off and it was actually fine.

A few things seem distinctly Australian.

Kangaroo meat: naturally. I have yet to try it, but they sell it at the grocery store. I just get some before we go. It cooks like beef.

Meat pies: sold all over the place, have dedicated fast food places that are just meat pies. I haven’t had one yet. An American told me that they are disgusting.

Lamb: I love lamb. But now you can get lamb burgers at McDonalds and lamb sausages at Subway. Ick. I’m not ready to try that.


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