Finding Nemo

26 Aug

Before I met Rob I used to hope that someday I would meet someone who liked to travel. I think I hoped a little too hard. We just couldn’t leave Australia without going to the Great Barrier Reef, according to him. Rob was ready to sell his kidneys on the black market to finance it. Fortunately, our very very very generous parents have contributed to the cause and now we can afford it. We’re going as cheaply as possible. We’re flying on the discount airline, Tiger Air and we’re staying in a hostel. All I insisted on was a private bathroom, which we were able to find in a nice beach front hostel. Now we can cook for ourselves and save a bundle. We’re both very excited to see the reef. The only time we could squeeze this last trip in is 2 weeks before we return to the US. But if we return with any leftover money, then we obviously didn’t have enough fun, right?


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