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30 Sep

We leave for New Zealand trip #2 tomorrow morning. Rob’s parents are already somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. We are also taking Air New Zealand back to Los Angeles in November and today we investigated all the entertainment and food options. 72 movies! It’s going to be SO MUCH NICER than our Air Pacific flight here. I don’t know what we were thinking. Hey, let’s go on the worst airline possible, leave at midnight and be totally stressed out about moving to a foreign country! Fun times. Returning, we have the opposite feeling. We hardly have to think at all. We just arrive at LAX and the family shuttle service picks us up, feeds us, and puts us to bed. Couldn’t be easier.


Footy Grand Final

29 Sep

The Grand Final is on right now. It’s like the Super Bowl for Australian Rules Football. It’s the Hawthorn Hawks vs the Sydney Swans. Since Hawthorn is a Victorian team we’re supposed to be rooting for them. They are losing at the moment. Rob got a brief explanation from his students on the rules of the game. It’s like a football/soccer/basketball mashup. The ball has to be bounced on the ground every ten steps. And there are 4 goal posts on each end. I don’t quite get it, but I couldn’t really explain American football in depth either.


Time is Irrelevant

29 Sep

Out of curiosity I googled when Australia starts daylight savings, which is October 7. Then I thought, oh, we’ll be in New Zealand, hey, I wonder if they are at the same time? Nope. New Zealand’s daylight savings beings September 30. By the way, the US is November 4.

Is it silly of me to think that nations of the world could have some uniform time changes? I guess it is. I suppose anything goes when Samoa and Tokelau can jump a day into the future.

Graffiti Fail

27 Sep

Melbourne is well known for it’s creative and talented graffiti in the alleyways of the CBD. Banksy has even added a few pieces.


When you get a further away from the CBD, the graffiti gets more silly. We’ve seen a lot of dumb tagging (well, it’s ALL dumb) but I find especially hilarious the super lame presumed gang names. I thought the “hicups” (of course spelled wrong) was the dorkiest of the bunch. But once we saw “albinos” written onĀ  a wall. Really???

This seriously says “tofu plays hide and seek



26 Sep

Yesterday we met a bunch of our friends at the Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary. It’s a zoo but only has native species and (I think) some of them are being rehabilitated from the wild. It’s nice place and we had fun. They had dingos, which seriously, look exactly like dogs. If I saw one in the wild I would never guess it wasn’t someone’s pet. There was puppy dingo, we didn’t see any human baby chew toys in the enclosure, although there was a koala stuffed animal.

After the Sanctuary we all had a picnic in a park. It was nice and sunny. There were several ibises patrolling us, looking for handouts. I thought it was neat to see such large (and unusual, in my mind) birds. I’m used to pigeons and seagulls.

On the way home we stopped at a winery and had a tasting. The place we went to also had a cheese shop so we had a tasting of cheese too. So delicious! Wine and cheese? How can you go wrong?

The Answer: Geoffrey Rush

26 Sep

Russell Crowe was born in New Zealand, Mel Gibson is American (unfortunately), Nicole Kidman was born in Honolulu and Geoffrey Rush was born in good ole’ Australia.

Tuesday Trivia: September 25

25 Sep