Birthday Extravaganza

8 Sep

Rob’s birthday activities went pretty much according to schedule. We got up and he opened his remaining presents and we had pancakes and strawberries for breakfast. We took our time and leisurely made our way downtown to the Queen Victoria Market. There, we had bratwurst lunches. We went into the tourist junk stalls and bought a fake boomerang as our Australian souvenir. We then immediately headed to the Royal Arcade where we spent Rob’s $50 gift certificate. We shared the “specialty for two” which was 2 giant hot chocolates and a sampling platter of deliciousness. We were beyond stuffed and I made Rob eat the lion’s share of the chocolate (you can imagine how much of a fight he put up [read: none]). After the chocolate place we felt kind of sick from over doing it and took a nice long walk through town and into the Royal Botanic Gardens. It was raining off and on so it was fairly deserted. We got to see some of the giant black swans with their cygnets. Super cute, but we kept our distance. Those things give you the stink eye if you get to close. Tonight we ordered pizza, finished a bottle of wine and watched The Sandlot, which Michelle gave Rob for his birthday. Happy birthday, Rob!


One Response to “Birthday Extravaganza”

  1. Mildred Pitoni September 9, 2012 at 2:17 am #

    We occasionly see swans on the Delaware River or on nearby ponds. However, they are always “white!”, No black! Gram Pitoni

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