The Other Wildlife Sanctuary

13 Sep

There are two Wildlife Sanctuaries here, one, right behind our house and another one that is attached to the university. I explored the university adjacent one today, after Rob’s prompting. He’d been in there once with his university class and then again on Monday on a field trip. It is bigger than the one by us and has several giant ponds. Another neat thing about this one are the two old lady emus that live there. They were part of an emu study at La Trobe and when the study was over they were donated to the sanctuary. They are super friendly. When I came across one today I took a few steps towards it and it took a few steps towards me until we were about 2 feet apart. I’m sure I could have petted it (I didn’t try). I’m looking forward to going in there again. They have limited visiting hours, unlike the one behind us that you can enter at any time.

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