The Payback

19 Sep

I have a bug bite that has been bothering me, either itching to hurting. Rob suggested that I put hairspray on it. I was like, what? That sounds strange. He claimed that it put a protective coat over the skin and that it would stop clothing from irritating the bite. I didn’t buy it. He keep suggesting it, I kept poo-pooing his idea. Finally, he said “fine, don’t believe me. I just spent the last 10 years living in the woods.” So I gave in and sprayed my arm. It was sticky and gross feeling, plus since the bite is in my elbow-pit my arm kept sticking together. I said “this stinks, I’m washing it off.”

I go into the bathroom and rinse off my arm. And I yell to Rob “somehow I feel like I just got punked.” Silence… then I hear muffled snickering. Rob giggles, “well… we used it for poison oak. I’ve never tried it for a bug bite. I wasn’t sure if it would work.” Continued muffled laughing from Rob.

I told him that I was going to get him back for this, but then I realized that I did shave a giant hole into his hair last week. Maybe we’re even.



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