26 Sep

Yesterday we met a bunch of our friends at the Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary. It’s a zoo but only has native species and (I think) some of them are being rehabilitated from the wild. It’s nice place and we had fun. They had dingos, which seriously, look exactly like dogs. If I saw one in the wild I would never guess it wasn’t someone’s pet. There was puppy dingo, we didn’t see any human baby chew toys in the enclosure, although there was a koala stuffed animal.

After the Sanctuary we all had a picnic in a park. It was nice and sunny. There were several ibises patrolling us, looking for handouts. I thought it was neat to see such large (and unusual, in my mind) birds. I’m used to pigeons and seagulls.

On the way home we stopped at a winery and had a tasting. The place we went to also had a cheese shop so we had a tasting of cheese too. So delicious! Wine and cheese? How can you go wrong?


One Response to “Healesville”

  1. Mildred Pitoni September 26, 2012 at 10:55 am #

    I was happy to receive another picture of the both of you!
    Today was my meeting of one of my AAUW groups. Our subject was concerning Hiliary Clinton as the Secretary of State. Wish I was as capable as some of the gals in this group! Two of them have been Peace Corp workers and have lived in many contries.

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