What’s That?

6 Oct

This morning when we got up the wind was really blowing and it was raining pretty hard. At breakfast we were looking out the window and I said “What’s that? It looks like giant squishy snow.” Well, apparently that is sleet. Everyone was shocked that I’d never seen it. I’ve been in the snow plenty of times but I’ve never had the pleasure of sleet. After that it really snowed for a few minutes. Then not more than 10 minutes later the sun was shining and the sky was blue.


We left Wanaka and drove to Te Anau. Unfortunately we drove towards the storm and it rained most of the drive. Our latest lodge is right on Lake Manapouri with a fantastic view of the lake and snow capped mountains. By evening the clouds had lifted and we could really see how dramatic the views are. Stunning.

One Response to “What’s That?”

  1. Mildred Pitoni October 9, 2012 at 1:09 am #

    Bert and I took a one day trip out to middle Pa. to view the fall colors! Problem, it is too early and the leaves have not changed yet.
    the day was cold and windy- I nearly froze!

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