The “Last” Hurrah

21 Oct

We are heading up to Cairns this weekend to visit the Great Barrier Reef. We’re both really looking forward to it and seeing one final piece of Australia before we leave. In preparation, I reread Bill Bryson’s description of his time in Queensland in his fabulous book In a Sunburned Country. Along with laughing out loud many many times, I was reminded how Queensland is the epicenter of all the venomous/poisonous/horrible Australian creatures. Here’s just a short list (out of many) of things to look out for :

Saltwater crocodiles, box jellyfish, funnel web spiders, sea snakes, fire ants, centipedes, blue-ringed octopus, cone shells, rock fish and my favorite: irukandji jellyfish.
Here’s the state website about what to avoid the most. Fun times!

So, here’s hoping this isn’t our final and last hurrah, ever.

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