Bon Voyage!

27 Oct

We leave for the Great Barrier Reef this afternoon. It is the first flight we’ve taken out of the last 20 where we didn’t have to get up at 5am or some other unholy hour and go to the airport. But when do I wake up this morning? 5:45am. I went to bed really early last night and I couldn’t sleep any longer. Our flight is at 4:15pm today. Queensland does not practice day light savings, so although we are flying east, it is one hour earlier there.

Tomorrow is our reef tour. It’s all day and we visit 2 locations, Michaelmas Cay and Hastings Reef. I’m going to OD on seasickness medication before we leave so I will feel well all day. The last time I did a snorkel cruise, in Hawaii, I very much wanted to die by the halfway point.

On Monday we’ve rented a car and we’re going to drive up to the Daintree and Port Douglas areas. Rob assures me that we won’t be in the car all day and that we aren’t going on any 15 mile hikes in our flip flops.

I’m excited, let’s go!

A saltwater crocodile, known as a salty. We are warned to absolutely NOT go in any bodies of water in Daintree since we’ll never be heard from again…

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