Election Day

8 Nov

Yesterday we eagerly watched the news all day for the election results. We probably refreshed the CNN page 30 times. Finally we went on a walk to get away from the computers. When we returned Obama had won. The most exciting news to Rob was that Prop 30 passed in California which will provide a much needed increase in funding for schools. Basically, there might be some money to hire him as a teacher. I’m all for that!

When we lived in the USA I thought it was arrogant of us to feel that the rest of the world cared about American politics. But after living here, I’ve learned they really do. The election has been the top story for the past week in the Melbourne news. There were celebrations all over the country last night.

It was quite nice to be out of the country and spared all the campaign ads


One Response to “Election Day”

  1. Dad November 9, 2012 at 1:21 pm #

    Here in California, an Obama state, we had no ads. Sweet

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