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16 Nov

We arrived home safe and sound yesterday afternoon. It was a looooooong day of travel (our Wednesday was over 40 hours) but we didn’t feel too horrible when we got home. After lots of food, showers and a good nights sleep we hit the ground running today. We’ve run a ton of errands and spent a bunch of money. I have to start work tomorrow so we had to get a lot done while I’m available with my car. We are feeling settled and relaxed. I had no issues driving my car, although I almost made a hard left turn in a parking lot before I remembered that we drive on the right.

Time for our American saturated fats again!


Goodbye Australia

13 Nov

We spent this morning packing the last of our stuff and cleaning our apartment. We are ready to go. Currently, we’re at La Trobe using the library computers because our internet is already cancelled. We’ll have to hang out here for awhile and kill some time.

Overall, Australia has been a fantastic experience. We’ve made some terrific friends and seen some amazing places. There are only a few places we didn’t make it to, like Uluru, but Rob always says “there’s next time.”

Last Night in Macleod

12 Nov

Tonight is our last night in our teeny apartment. Tomorrow night we’re going to sleep at a friend’s house so that she can take us to the airport on Wednesday morning. In celebration I poured myself a wee glass of wine.

All Packed Up with No Place to Go

11 Nov

Rob did all of his packing today. Mine is half done and I will finish up tomorrow. Our apartment looks bare. These last few days are dragging on. How come it isn’t Wednesday already? I’m so excited to come home and see my car again. Oh, and family. You too.

We found a home for the blankets, although I bet they’d be cozy on the plane.


The Last Time

10 Nov

We’re having a lot of “last times” here. Today we went on our pyscho 14 mile walk down the Yarra River, for the last time. We stopped in the Royal Botanical Gardens, for the last time. Walked into the CBD, for the last time. Took the train home, for the last time. And we walked up the long and  steep street from the train, for the last time. Some of these I will miss, others not so much. I can’t believe we’re leaving in a few days and I can’t wait to be home and see all our family and friends.

Good Riddance Old Lady Cart!

9 Nov

We went to the grocery store for the final time today. When we got home I had a destruction celebration with the old lady cart. It’s not so much the old lady cart that I hated, which without I wouldn’t have been able to carry all the groceries home, but it’s that the market was so far away and annoying to get to. I’ve mentioned to Rob at least a dozen times that I am never walking anywhere to run errands where I have to carry anything back again. Hooray for cars!

Election Day

8 Nov

Yesterday we eagerly watched the news all day for the election results. We probably refreshed the CNN page 30 times. Finally we went on a walk to get away from the computers. When we returned Obama had won. The most exciting news to Rob was that Prop 30 passed in California which will provide a much needed increase in funding for schools. Basically, there might be some money to hire him as a teacher. I’m all for that!

When we lived in the USA I thought it was arrogant of us to feel that the rest of the world cared about American politics. But after living here, I’ve learned they really do. The election has been the top story for the past week in the Melbourne news. There were celebrations all over the country last night.

It was quite nice to be out of the country and spared all the campaign ads