The Answer: Green Moon

7 Nov

Hey, there were 24 horses running in the Melbourne Cup. Green Moon was a long shot. He paid $22 per $1 bet. Unfortunately, I didn’t place any bets, but winnings are tax free here. If I’d only known… I could have lost at least $2.
We went to a friends house to watch the race, which is only a few minutes long. But it event is all day. There are 9 races, quick as a flash. Most of the TV coverage is the fashion. We got dressed up a little bit, it was quite fun.

Looking fetching in my $5 fascinator


Tuesday Trivia: October 6

6 Nov

El Mall es Malo

5 Nov

We visited the sort of icky local mall today for the last time. We had a coupon for a pancake restaurant that we used. It was buy one short stack and get one free, which were unremarkable, but each stack came with a giant scoop of ice cream. I gave my ice cream to Rob and ate just the pancakes.

We’ve been invited to a Melbourne Cup party tomorrow so our friend Kate and I decided that we need some sort of fancy headpiece/fascinator. We ended up finding very very cheap ones at a craft store.

5 points to the first person who can identify this song:
Ladies and Gentlemen Ev’ry duke and earl and peer is here Ev’ryone who should be here is here. What a smashing, positively dashing Spectacle: the Ascot op’ning day. At the gate are all the horses Waiting for the cue to fly away. What a gripping, absolutely ripping Moment at the Ascot op’ning day. Pulses rushing! Faces flushing! Heartbeats speed up! I have never been so keyed up! And second now They’ll begin to run. Hark! A bell is ringing, They are springing Forward Look! It has begun…! What a frenzied moment that was! Didn’t they maintain an exhausting pace? ‘Twas a thrilling, absolutely chilling Running of the Ascot op’ning race.

Beach Day

4 Nov

It was very warm, over 80, today so we headed out to Brighton Beach to take one final look at the cute beach huts. It was pretty crowded, lots of people getting fried in the sun. We stuck our toes in the water but it was really really cold. We walked around for a bit and then I got a coke slurpee and Rob got an ice cream before we headed home.

I Just Need to Pop Down to the Milliner and Pick Up My Fascinator

4 Nov

The Melbourne Cup activities seem to have started yesterday, with the main event happening on Tuesday. When we were on the train yesterday, in our grubby walking clothes, at least 80% of the passengers were very dressed up and every single woman was wearing a fascinator, some of them pretty large and fancy. They were pretty. It made me wish that I could dress up and go to the horse races too, just to see the outfits and hats.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, here are some examples of fascinators:



Playing Tourist

2 Nov

We went downtown, to the CBD today, probably for the last time so we we packed in a bunch of touristy visits. First, we had our last delicious lunch at Sichuan House. Then we headed to the Queen Victoria Market where our friend bought some souvenirs. It’s the same place where we got our boomerang, which I’m pretty sure is from a factory in China. Next, we hit the State Library of Victoria and the Melbourne Gaol. After that, we went to the shopping areas and got some Christmas ornaments. Finally, we went to Koko Black and finished off Rob’s birthday gift certificate. I got a hot chocolate with a shot of espresso (awesome) and Rob got a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream that came with a pitcher of hot chocolate that he poured over it. He loooooved it.

Kangaroo, It’s What’s for Dinner

1 Nov

Our American friend came over for dinner and we decided to make kangaroo since out time here is almost over. We bought a pre-marinated package and made kangaroo fajita bowls. It is a lot redder than beef but cooks similarly and, I thought, tasted a lot like beef. It was pretty good. Rob was sort of grossed out.